Stranger Things' Eleven Trains like Fighting Chance Seattle Teens Millie Bobby Brown Shares her MMA Session on Instagram

Anyone who’s seen my Mars Attacks and Avengers tattoos can probably guess that I’m into sci-fi and superheroes. When I heard all of the buzz about Netflix’s Stranger Things, I just assumed it couldn’t actually be that good. Boy was I wrong! I binge-watched the show in a few days.

As a child of the eighties, I have a soft spot in my heart for any ragtag group of neighborhood kids that band together to face a threat their parents can’t handle. Goonies, Monster Squad, and now the pre-teen cast of Stranger Things!

The boys were great, but it was Millie Bobby Brown who stole the show as Eleven, a telekinetic badass on the run from a shady government program. Behind the scenes, Brown trains mixed martial arts just like our Teen Martial Arts students here in Seattle.

Our Teen Martial Arts fall semester begins Wednesday, September 7. This year we’ve refined our curriculum by age group to more effectively serve the needs of middle school (ages 11 – 13) and high school (ages 14 – 16) students. We’ve also further developed our focus on communication, leadership, and goal setting.

Fighting Chance Seattle launched it’s Teen Martial Arts program in 2013 and it had to be split into two groups by 2015. Our students learn a mix of kickboxing, karate, and self-defense tailored to their needs and abilities. The students train in a traditional dojo atmosphere and work with one another through peer-teaching and group activities.

We’re now accepting students for the fall. All new students start with a two-week trial to see if our dojo is a good fit. Save 50% off the trial fee with coupon code: Teen50

Fighting chance Seattle is a different kind of dojo. Operating out of Ballard, students focus on strengthening their minds, spirits and community, as well as their roundhouse kicks. The dojo has been in business for five years and is dedicated to empowering students through encouraging personal growth, self-confidence, and martial arts excellence.

By Jordan