Self-Defense San Diego An Empowerment & Awareness Class for Women

Seattle’s top-rated self-defense class, is hosting it’s first workshop in San Diego!

From our Yelp page:

This past Saturday I attended my first self-defense class and all I have to say to Fighting Chance Seattle is THANK YOU! I would recommend this class to any woman out there who wants to arm themselves with the knowledge and quick & easy defense techniques for those ‘what if’ situations.

Jordan’s teaching style is relaxed, fun, and serious… all at the same time. The atmosphere was so welcoming.

I liken this very much like taking a course in CPR. Not something you want to run and do but when you’re done, you’re quite thrilled with having done so.

Expert instructor Jordan Giarratano will teach a 2 hour version of Fighting Chance Seattle’s Self-Defense for Women workshop on Saturday, May 7, from 9 am – 11 am. Since this is our first-ever outside-of-Seattle workshop we’ll be offering it for $45 (plus sales tax), a $30 discount off of our normal rate.

  • Learn to identify the red flags that indicate a threat.
  • Learn basic tools to avoid violent situations.
  • Explore helpful self-defense strategies and debunk myths.
  • Engage your most powerful self: stand, breathe, and act with power
  • Release your inner badass, and practice striking techniques.

This workshop is limited to ten participants and will be held at Cali Coast Elite: 2004 Hancock St. San Diego, CA 92110.

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Please note: while our classes are normally taught with a male and female instructor, only Jordan will be present for the San Diego workshop. We will work together to create a safe space to tackle this material. Our Self-Defense class is based on multiple levels of participation and opt-in: meaning, you participate in the activities you feel comfortable trying. You can learn by watching, you can learn by doing. No pressure.

By Jordan