Self-defense is a suite of physical and social skills designed to leverage your natural abilities to keep you safe, aware, and empowered as your navigate your life.

  • Self-Defense for Women
    • 3rd Saturday, 12:30 – 3:30 pm
    • 1 Day Workshop
    • Female Students Only
    • No Experience Necessary!
  • Self-Defense for Men
    • Coming in 2017 – Please contact us if you are interested!
  • Ongoing Training
    • Develop support skills to augment self-defense specific-training in our workshops.
    • Kickboxing and Karate programs available.
    • Beginner-Friendly Trial

Train for Self-Reliance

You have the right to feel safe and secure. Self-defense begins with self-perception. Our beliefs and self-esteem inform who we allow into our lives. A healthy, grounded sense of self-awareness is the first component of self-defense.

Our programs provide the tools and practice to develop the confidence to manage your own safety. Through consistent practice in a controlled environment you move past your comfort zone (at your own pace), you learn to work through fear and panic, and handle confrontation.

Cultivate inward calm amidst turmoil, as you learn to extend boundaries out from the center of your self-defense circle.

Safe Training Space

Knowledge is power. But, true empowerment comes from living and believing the knowledge. We believe that self-defense training should reflect and encourage the creation and enforcement of healthy boundaries. Your body is your own, confronting your fears is your choice.

This dojo is a practice space for the social skills in your toolkit as well as the physical. We learn to communicate levels of force with our partners, gain and accept their trust in grappling drills, and respect our own needs and the needs of others inside the dojo, online, and in social settings. We hone these skills gradually, starting with baby steps in a supportive environment.

Our dojo is an intentional space and community. Through honoring this practice we gain the confidence to enforce stronger boundaries in our lives outside of the dojo.

I feel emotionally, physically, and mentally strong.

Your Self-Defense Toolkit

Whereas kickboxing and karate are complete arts practiced for their own sake, self-defense is actually a suite of physical and social skills to keep you safe, aware, and empowered as your navigate your life.

You will learn to move into and fully-inhabit your body and learn best-practices for striking, breaking free from holds and grabs, and tactics to escape an assault as well as strategy and awareness tools: setting boundaries, identifying and avoiding red flags, de-escalation, and understanding the dynamics of violence.

Program Methodology

Our program is based on one vital principle: start from truth. This is a scary, and often uncomfortable subject; but we are dedicated to approaching it as honestly and directly as we can. There are no guarantees in self-defense, no techniques that will always work. But we do our best to limit our training to the most optimal responses based on the best research we can gather.

Our program is always changing and adapting based on thorough study and experience. Our sources, include top research in the field, scenarios pulled from the news, and most importantly the feedback from the hundreds of women who have taken our workshops.



Jordan combines expert instruction with a realistic approach.