Understand how the pervasive social standard that says women should be passive, vulnerable and voiceless creates an environment where self-defense tools are a necessity.


Learn essential, actionable techniques for recognition and avoidance. Learn physical defense skills, but also how to practice your boundary-creating-powers in your personal relationships.


Everyone has the right to safety and security. Learn to manage fear and panic, and get comfortable with physical confrontation in a no-pressure, opt-in format.

I felt comfortable with all of the instructors.

Core Values & Methodology

We live in a society with an epidemic of hostility and violence toward women. Rape and sexual assault are not always taken seriously by police or media.

Self-defense is a suite of social skills to keep you safe, aware, and empowered as your navigate your life. We will not tell you where not to walk or how to dress. We do not believe in perpetuating a culture of fear and victim-blaming.

Our program is always changing and adapting.This workshop is based on curated reference material, and scenarios pulled from the news, police blotters, and most importantly feedback from the hundreds of women who’ve taken this workshop.

We may use concepts and body mechanics from specific martial arts but this workshop is designed to address the specific safety needs of women, not promote a style or school. The traditional approach of conforming one’s martial art training to hypothetical defense scenarios presents a dogma-driven approach that does not consider the unique dynamics of violence against women.

Beyond the limited scope of self-defense. We strive to promote community defense. How can we undo social and cultural norms that perpetuate female victimization? How can creating and enforcing boundaries in your personal life, improve your self-defense skills and benefit the whole community?

I loved hitting the pads!

Taught in Three Sections


Learn the red flags that indicate a threat to your well-being, and the tools you need to avoid violent situations. Learn to listen to your intuition, the ultimate super power. Identify the warning signs of violent or manipulative behavior. We’ll also teach basic strategies and debunk some harmful self-defense urban legends.


This workshop goes deeper than learning a few martial arts strikes. You will learn to engage your most powerful self; to connect through your feet, to stand, move, breathe, and shout with power. Building on the first section, you’ll incorporate these strikes into our truth-based self-defense strategy


As you explore how to break free from someone’s grip within the safe space of the workshop, you get a visceral sense of what fears are triggered in an attack. Before this section we will review our “opt-in” policy: you may participate with a female or male instructor, watch, or excuse yourself. It is your choice to participate up to your level of comfort.

I was nervous at first, but I'm so glad I did it.

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