Image isn’t Everything

Your body is unique. You deserve to feel grounded, powerful, and at home in your unique body.

Growth requires support and encouragement, not shame and blame. Within this dojo we strive to communicate internally and externally with honesty and compassion.

Getting strong is about far more than image. Our goal as martial artists is total strength: physical, mental, and emotional. Empowerment is ability and choice. Empowered individuals engage their circumstances directly. Strength breeds confidence.

Every one of us has value. Every one of us has something to contribute. Unlock your biggest, best self.

Primal Patterns

The lives we lead force us into patterns that weaken our posture, cause pain and limit mobility. We get lost in our thoughts, stresses, and obligations and we dissociate from our physical selves.

The disconnection of mind and body is an illusion. You think, feel, and sense through your whole form. You are your body. Your natural state is wholeness. The first stage of our practice in every class is to fully inhabit your body, to put roots down into the ground and feel tethered, unmovable.

Our approach to kickboxing is based on relearning and embodying primal movement patterns through consistent, dedicated practice. We train the whole body to push, pull, twist, bridge, and hinge.

Start Where You Are

You grow through meeting an appropriate level of resistance. Lifting hunks of metal, hitting heavy bags, pressing yourself up from the floor — each act of resistance grows muscle, builds coordination, and gives you confidence in your physical self.

Resistance training increases bone density, grows muscle, and reinforces optimal movement patterns.

Sustainable (and enjoyable) growth requires a realistic, manageable challenge. We aim to go ten-percent beyond each student’s threshold. Little wins build big momentum and lead to lasting transformation.

We challenge you to own your ten-percent. It’s tempting to start hard and burn out fast. It’s tempting to compare yourself unfavorably to others (or take an inflated view or your abilities). Start where you are.

How it Works

We’re a community-oriented dojo, not a big fitness studio, and each member relationship is important to us. Try any (or all) of our beginner-friendly classes for two weeks before you commit to training:

  • No-Belt Karate
    • Mon @ 6:15 pm
  • Kickboxing Foundation
    • Tue @ 7:30 pm
    • Thu @ 7:30 pm
  • Self-Defense Essentials
    • Wed @ 6:15 pm

Full class descriptions are available on our calendar page.

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