Self-Defense Class on Green Lake

Self-Defense for Runners in Green Lake

Event Details

Event Location on Green Lake

Date: Saturday, November 22, 2014
Registration: 2:30 pm – 3:00 pm
Class Time: 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Cost: Free
Location: Green Lake Park, between NE 71st St and Sunnyside Ave N
Participants: Open to women only (minors age 15 and above may participate with a parent present)
Attire: Dress like you were going for a run in November, possibly in the rain.
RSVP: RSVP to our Facebook Event Page and please arrive early to sign-up, class is limited to the first fifty participants.
Questions: Email or call 855-200-3656

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Event Description

Last month, a woman was grabbed from behind and assaulted while running along Green Lake. When I first read this article I was upset, then angry. It stuck with me. After rereading it a few times, I realized what most unsettled me was not just the attack, but the tone of fear, defeat, and panic that is the norm for news in our culture. Unchecked crime is bad enough without the additional stigma of sensationalized fear.

This is our city. Many of my female friends run along Green Lake. We will not accept that we must jog along our lakes, walk down our streets, or live our lives in fear. I asked the Volunteer Leadership Board within our dojo to help me brainstorm and organize an outreach event to address this issue.

Fighting Chance Seattle will offer a free one-hour version of our Self-Defense for Women class, on Green Lake, to help female residents feel empowered and aware when going for a run. The class will be specifically modified for runners.

Participants will learn strategies to identify and avoid suspicious individuals and situations, practice powerful defensive strikes, and understand how to break free from common grabs and holds. I will lead the class with volunteer helpers from my advanced programs. Male and female teaching assistants will work with you safely at your level of comfort.

This class would not be possible without generous community support from Seattle Chiropractic & Wellness Group and Ballard OBGYN, P.C. We greatly appreciate their sponsorship of this event.

Thank you,
Jordan Giarratano,
Owner and Instructor,
Fighting Chance Seattle

By Jordan