Press the Reset Button

Each dojo session is an opportunity to let go of obsessive thoughts and simply exist. We meditate at the beginning and end of class to create a transformative space for our training. When your primal self is fully-engaged, your inner-warrior gets to stretch out, yell, and hit stuff.

Play relieves stress, triggers endorphins, and improves brain function. Kickboxing provides challenges, competition with friends, and utilizes skills we may not access in our daily lives.

Martial arts training is the play-break you deserve.

By Nerds, for Nerds

This dojo could only have been founded in Seattle, a city full of curious obsessive brainiacs who welcomed Sensei Jordan’s curious, obsessive, and brainy approach to martial arts. Our dojo is as much about the joy of learning as it is training.

Learning through movement activates different parts of our brain. Letting go of the rational mind, trusting your body as a self-aware form moving through space and time: you access greater awareness and creativity.

Physical learning can be a challenge. For some it can bring up painful memories of times when they struggled to learn a new skill or were held to an unrealistic standard. In this dojo we meet fear of failure with compassion, diverse teaching methods, and endless patience.

Hogwarts for Warriors

We learn through story. We connect to characters and events, and extract meaning. The best martial arts teachers from the past to the modern era are usually wonderful storytellers. Through myth we find meaning and purpose.

Sensei Jordan, a graphic artist and writer, teaches the mythology of martial arts as well as the physical techniques, integrating the history and culture of the warrior arts into each class.

Karate is a sacred practice, passed on directly from teacher to student. It is our responsibility to groom the next generation of warriors and teachers. At Fighting Chance Seattle we pay our training forward through peer-to-peer teaching and outreach.

How it Works

We’re a community-oriented dojo, not a big fitness studio, and each member relationship is important to us. Try any (or all) of our beginner-friendly classes for two weeks before you commit to training:

  • No-Belt Karate
    • Mon @ 6:15 pm
  • Kickboxing Foundation
    • Tue @ 7:30 pm
    • Thu @ 7:30 pm
  • Self-Defense Essentials
    • Wed @ 6:15 pm

Full class descriptions are available on our calendar page.

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