Embrace Vulnerability

Feeling afraid sucks. It shrinks you. Fear stems from your need to feel secure in an insecure world. You feel safe when you feel certain that you will not be harmed, your job and relationships are stable, and you will have food and shelter. When you lose any of these external indicators of security: panic surges.

We feel fear when we are reminded of our physical vulnerability. Our species was not built to fight: no sharp teeth, claws, or horns (and no armor, spikes, or camouflage skin either).

Martial arts is one of many ways we seek to avoid feeling afraid, but fear is our greatest gift for survival.

The Gift of Fear

If emotions are like dashboard lights, feeding us valuable information about ourselves, then fear is our warning system. Embracing fear unlocks your most powerful self-defense tools: intuition, avoidance, and the fight-or-flight adrenaline response.

Learn to trust your intuition, set boundaries, and identify red flags. Physical training includes learning to strike with power and break free from common grabs and holds. Through longer term training you learn to meet and accept your fears, manage risk, and become confident in your own ability to handle conflict.

Risk can be reduced, but never eliminated. No external solution, be it class, weapon, or guru can ever give us total safety. Self-defense is about self-reliance and cultivating an inner sense of security.

Know Your Why

Not all martial arts are appropriate for self-defense. If personal safety is your primary motive for training, it is important to find a qualified school that meets your needs.

A healthy relationship with fear and insecurity is a mandatory requirement for self-defense instructors. Sadly, many “reality-based” self-defense systems exhibit a pathological obsession with violence that exploits the fears of their students.

Purely sport-oriented martial arts often misrepresent their programs as being self-defense, yet train competition skills that will not work against real-life violence.

We believe in embracing fear and training for realistic threats. Our cross-discipline, research-based programs cultivate inner security, self-reliance, and acceptance through education, physical training, and the daily practice of setting and enforcing boundaries within the dojo.

How it Works

We’re a community-oriented dojo, not a big fitness studio, and each member relationship is important to us. Try any (or all) of our beginner-friendly classes for two weeks before you commit to training:

  • No-Belt Karate
    • Mon @ 6:15 pm
  • Kickboxing Foundation
    • Tue @ 7:30 pm
    • Thu @ 7:30 pm
  • Self-Defense Essentials
    • Wed @ 6:15 pm

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