Five Year Anniversary – Year by Year Photo History

For a business to survive five years is a big deal! Please enjoy this brief photo history of the dojo with my reflections for each year. We're honoring this achievement with a huge community celebration in our dojo, please join us to share an evening of live music, art, and martial arts demos. Read More

Sensei’s Sketchbook: Karate Imagery & Icons

The shirts were printed locally, here in Seattle, by our friends at The Foundry, all seminar participants will receive a free shirt. My intention with this design was to attempt to communicate the depth and beauty of karate's pinan kata. They blend the primal, organic movements of the human form with the elegance of a consciously-imposed choreography. Read More

A Letter from Sensei Jordan

Like its students, Fighting Chance Seattle continues to grow into its true nature and better realize its potential. After January’s expansion of our physical space, we’re positioned to refocus our programs to reflect the evolution of our curriculum. Read More

Self-Defense San Diego

Seattle's five-star-rated Self-Defense for Women workshop is coming to San Diego on Saturday, May 7. Learn essential, actionable techniques for recognition, avoidance, and ultimately for fighting back! This 2 hour intensive covers identifying red flags, debunking self-defense stereotypes, learning to stand strong and strike with power, and the value of trusting intuition as a self-defense super power. Read More

Do Less, Better: Our 2016 Business Resolutions

Early in January, Sensei Jordan and Jason traveled to San Diego for the dojo’s first year-end planning retreat. Sometimes it feels as if this dojo has always been, but this business is really only four years old, and it’s grown very quickly and gone through many changes. The annual ritual of reflection is vital to regaining perspective on the dojo, to know where we’ve been, to see where we are going. It is an opportunity to explore the nature of the changes we’ve experienced, to remember the highs and lows, the struggles and the wins; and to create an honest, open space to set intentions for the coming year. Read More

2015: My Year in Watercolors

I was afraid of watercolor. That sounds so so stupid. But I was. The water does not care what you want. The water flows according to the laws of physics. To paint with watercolor is to give up control. The idea of submitting to the flow of the water when surfing made total sense to me. No one challenges the ocean. But in the microcosm of painting, I'd still try to subjugate the drips of water that fell off of my brush, working against the paint, not with it. Read More