Kickboxing Ryoku: Transform Your Life Beginner-Friendly Orientation Workshop
Exclusive Facebook Offer

Join us on Saturday, Feb 4, 10 am – 12 pm for a beginner-friendly introduction to our Kickboxing Ryoku class. For this exclusive Facebook price of $35 plus sales tax, you’ll receive the two-hour workshop, a free pair of boxing gloves, and a one month, risk-free trial of our Kickboxing Ryoku program for the rest of February.

Class Description

Kickboxing Ryoku blends modern boxing, kickboxing, and muay thai with traditional karate concepts. We use kickboxing, functional strength-training, mindfulness, meditation, and body awareness as tools for personal transformation. In this special two-hour practice session, you’ll get an in-depth introduction to:

  • Fundamental punching and kicking techniques used in our system.

  • Basic strength-training principles and exercises to improve posture, core engagement, and range of motion.

  • Tips for transformation: Practices to get the most out of the Kickboxing Ryoku program and see improvements in other areas of your life.

All you’ll need is workout clothes and a water bottle. We’ll take care of the rest. Expect a light workout, but nothing too intense, our goal is to introduce you to our material and teaching style.

Sign Up Today

This special introductory seminar is limited to ten students. Restrictions apply, please review before signing up:

  • Open to new, adult students only.
  • Able to attend Weekly Classes one Mon, Tue, or Thu @ 7:30 pm during one-month trial.
  • Review of membership details (if you decide to join us), see Tuition page.

If you have any questions about the class, please email Fighting Chance Seattle.

About Kickboxing Ryoku

Cage fighting

Kickboxing Ryoku, it's kind of like yoga with hitting.

Cage fighting

Learn proper exercise technique under expert supervision.

Cage fighting

Join our tribe and train with a supportive community!

Photography by Sabreen Lakhani