"I started working with Jordan in the hopes of deepening connection to my body and emotions through exploration of a new movement practice. Jordan's technical expertise was immediately apparent, but equally impressive is his ability to approach each session with adaptability and emotional intelligence. In our time together, Jordan was able to quickly foster a space rooted in trust where I could begin to let my guard down and participate more mindfully in each session. In doing this work, I am finding countless opportunities to quiet my inner-critic and cultivate more self-compassion."
Ashlee H.
Jordan is an exceptional coach. He creates a training experience that is tailored to your skill-level, interests, and needs. He takes the time to understand what you are looking for and has an inventive, dynamic approach to getting you there. I’ve had years of personal training sessions with great trainers, and Jordan outshines them all. Within our first few sessions, we hit new ground as he presented ideas I’d never considered before, to understand blocks I didn’t even know I had. He gently insists that you remember that your body and brain function in unison and guides you to align what you want with what you need and what you are able to do---and to see every milestone as a victory.
Jeena K.
"One of the reasons Jordan is the greatest coach ever is his patience. He helps me see all the power I have within myself. These sessions have given me confidence, strength and self-appreciation that I’ve never had before."
Sophia W.

Head instructor Jordan Giarratano is currently accepting a limited number of personal coaching clients. Break through your obstacles, realize your potential, and cultivate a warrior mindset with guided, supportive training from an expert instructor.

Jordan’s area of coaching expertise is personal safety and empowerment, communication, embodiment, and emotional intelligence. He particularly enjoys working with introverts, sensitive folks, and small business owners.

Jordan’s approach to empowerment is rooted in learning to protectand nurture ourselves. His practice blends centuries-old warrior practices with modern thinking on vulnerability, embodiment, and shame-resilience. As an empath he’s able to meet you anew each session and connect with what is alive in the present moment. Every step of the journey is open to feedback and adjustment from you. These sessions are about you and your power.

Personal coaching sessions are $150 per hour with package rates available at $125 per hour for ten sessions.

Please describe your interest and goals below and we’ll get the conversation started. If working together is in alignment for both of us we’ll talk about how to move forward.

Find yourself; access your power; and have fun punching and kicking stuff on your martial arts journey.
Teen Classes
Get strong, defend yourself, and learn the warrior skills you'll need for the adventure of your life.
Self-Defense for Women
One day classes to discover your power and learn valuable life skills. Supportive, consent-based, and surprisingly fun.
Self-Defense for Men
Find strength in staying open and gain confidence navigating conflict; we examine how violence shapes men's lives in this workshop.
On-Site Company Training
Empower your employees: practical skills in boundary-setting, risk-assessment, and urban safety, adapted for workplace training.

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