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Welcome to Our Community

Fighting Chance Seattle is a vibrant community martial arts dojo in Ballard. It is our mission to provide weekly classes and single-day workshops in a safe, unintimidating environment. Adults and teens learn modern kickboxing, old school karate, and realistic self-defense from an instructor with twenty years of experience.

Our students are techies, artists, scientists, gamers, writers, bartenders, desk jockeys, and nerds. They are good people from diverse backgrounds who sweat, fight, and laugh together. There is no Seattle freeze here, we love to introduce beginners to the martial arts.

“The (Self-Defense for Women) workshop gives you the confidence to do whatever it takes to protect yourself… This stuff could potentially save your life. “

Melissa S.

“The environment is super friendly and supportive. I went by myself, not knowing anyone, and I feel completely comfortable. Coming here has helped with anxiety, depression and lack of confidence.”

Rachal B.

“When gym memberships and attempts to work out at home failed, Kickboxing Ryoku gave me the structure, accountability and fun I need to achieve my health goals.”

Anne D.

“Jordan takes to heart seeing his students make progress. He always takes the time to break down the bio-mechanics of each technique as well as the contexts in which they would be relevant.”

Samuel R.

Meet Sensei Jordan

  • 2nd Degree Black Belt,┬áKarate
  • Certified Personal Trainer, NASM
  • Certified Advanced Instructor, Fighting Chance Self-Defense Association
  • 21 Years Martial Arts Experience
Sensei Jordan Giarratano is dedicated to empowering students through martial arts. His diverse background encompassing karate, Muay Thai, kickboxing, submission grappling, aikido, and self-defense and his deep understanding of human movement allow him to meet each new student where they are and help them to reach their potential.

Location & Contact Info

1446 NW 53rd St, Seattle, WA 98107
(shared space with Outrageously Fit)

Enter on the right, use the purple door.

Parking lot and street parking available.
One block from the Rapid Ride D Line.

Owner & Head Instructor: Sensei Jordan Giarratano
Phone: 855-200-3656

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Trial by Combat

The black belt candidate test is not a fitness challenge, nor is it an exam to determine whether or not a student has memorized some choreography. This test is a rite of passage. The goal is not to win, but to continue moving forward, no matter the challenge; to rise, when all you want is to give up. The student who finishes the test is a different person than the student who began the test. Read More

Grappling with Growth & Inequality

To keep Fighting Chance as inclusive as we can, we will (at our discretion) offer a 20% discount off of our standard tuition to a percentage of our students whose income is below the rate to qualify for Low Income Public Housing. Read More

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Push/Pull has a distinct vibe. It's less an art gallery and more a demented, yet cozy living room. It's what an art salon should feel like. A place where you can connect with the work, not just nod awkwardly and move on to the next piece. It's also a retail outlet, selling pieces of original art and prints at reasonable prices. Read More

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